Hermes Kelly bag

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Hermes Kelly bag

Hermes Birkin bags are among the most exclusive bags in the world. A Hermes Birkin bag is not only a status symbol, but also a Hermes Birkin bagrepresent a unique quality of material and manufacturing. A Hermes Birkin bag is made of the finest quality leather, including also such materials as crocodile, ostrich, calf and lizard. Hermes Birkin are several bags which are world famous, for example, the hermes kelly bag and Hermes Birkin bag. kelly hermes bag is named after Monaco Princess Grace Kelly. Grace Kelly appeared on the cover of Life Magazine in 1956 with the Hermes kelly bag.

The colors of a Hermes Birkin bag are usually brighter than a Hermes kelly bag and easier to go with dresses, so it is quite popular with many stars. Another difference between a Hermes Bikrin bag and a Hermes kelly bag is a Hermes Birkin bag is with double handles, but kelly hermes only with one handle.

Grace Kelly took the biggest Crocodile Hermes kelly, kelly hermes half hidden his belly, revealed her shinning lovely charm. Compared with a Hermes Birkin bag, Hermes Kelly is smarter. Until 1968, Hermes group produced Mini hermes kell. Because of  Hermes Kelly smaller size, it reveals quite different elegant feelings with Hermes Birkin bag. In most formal occasions, Hermes kelly appears. Hermes Kelly is not only a handbag with only one handle, but also a shoulder bag. But Hermes Birkin bag can only be a handbag. This is also one of the differences between Hermes Birkin bag and Hermes Kelly bag.

For stitching, a Hermes Birkin bag are only with inseam, but Hermes kelly  bags are not only with inseam, but also with outseam. Inseam makes the Hermes kelly bags look flexible, and outseam makes the Hermes kelly bags look stiff and smooth.

In my opinion, Hermes Birkin bag is luxury and full of noble quality. Hermes Kelly is elegant and feminine. Hermes Birkin bag should be taken casually, and Hermes Kelly should be taken gracefully. Although they are both the main and hot consumer goods of Hermes group, and in many occasions they appear, we should choose the suitable styles and colors to match our dressing.


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