Caring for your designer Hermes Birkin bag

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Caring for your designer Hermes Birkin bag

Spills on you Hermes Birkin bag: If you spill something on your Hermes Birkin bag, immediately wipe up any excess liquid with a clean sponge or cloth. If necessary, wipe down your Hermes Birkin bag with clean lukewarm water and then let it leather Hermes Birkin bag air dry.

Dust & Surface Dirt on your Hermes Birkin bag:  Wipe the Hermes Birkin bag with a soft cloth, slightly damp. Don’t wash it with water or any other chemical; just gently wipe it off.

Whenever you handle your Hermes Birkin bag make use your hands are clean. It’s easy to get a smudge or stain on a Hermes Birkin bag if you touch it with dirty hands.

Heat, Sunlight damage on your Hermes Birkin bag: It is best to keep any leather out of direct heat and sunlight because prolonged exposure may dry out the leather out and make it stiff and cause it to change its color.

Rain damage: If you get court out in the rain and your leather Hermes Birkin bag gets wet, it is best to quickly wipe off any water with a dry cloth as soon as possible and let the leather air dry naturally in room temperature and don’t put Hermes Birkin bag near  a heater.

Have your Hermes Birkin bag professionally cleaned to remove the soil that accumulates from everyday use. It will give extended life to your expensive Hermes Birkin bag and keep it in good condition.

It’s important to be careful where you Store your Designer Hermes Birkin bag

When at home store it in a soft cotton bag or its original Hermes Birkin bag dust cover.

When at work be careful where you put your Hermes Birkin bag because someone could stand on it and it could get dust, dirt and gum on the bottom of it. At work, can there can be hazards such as sharp metal edges, splinters, etc., that could create small tares in your Hermes Birkin bag that can quickly develop into bigger, more noticeable tares.

Use common sense to protect your Hermes Birkin bag the same way as you would any investment and be careful with your Hermes Birkin bag.


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