Hermes Sac Birkin

Hermes Sac Birkin

Hermes Sac Birkin made of crocodile skins

There is good reasons why the Hermes Birkin bag is so expensive. Crocodile skins are very expensive and they are the one of the materials used on the Hermes sac Birkin.

It is said that Hermes have there own crocodile farm and that it takes 4 crocodiles to make only one Hermes sac Birkin. The reason for this is because the Hermes Birkin bag is made from only the small scales on the crocodile skins. The large crocodile scales would just not look right on a Hermes sac Birkin. Where as larger crocodile scales skins would look much better on a large travelling Hermes sac Birkin bags.

Hermes Birkin bags are dyed

Its amazing how the Hermes Birkin crocodile skin bags are dyed in such beautiful colors which can
match any woman’s outfit and as for the inner lining of the Birkin this is made from goat skin and you will always find that this will be the same color as the crocodile skin which is on the our side of the Hermes sac Birkin.

For sheer luxury on the bags the signature lock, keys, buckle, and feet studs that adorn the Hermes Birkin bags are also made with very precious metals such as gold or palladium and sometimes they are also encrusted with beautiful diamonds.
Its no wonder that when you carry a Hermes sac Birkin and sport a Hermes Birkin bag you’ll be carrying a handbags that’s is unique and of amazing luxury.


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