Hermes Birkins

Hermes Birkins

Hermes Birkin bags are rarely seen in a Hermes store.
I have noticed the Hermes shops have lots of other products in their stores for sale but of course no Hermes Birkin bags. Apparently, Hermes Chief Executive Patrick Thomas has admitted the group has been pushing other areas of the business such as fashion and textile so that it is not so reliant on Hermes Birkin bags. I guess they can’t sell too many Hermes Birkins because the scarcity and exclusiveness is what keeps the Hermes Birkins price so high and unique. If they wanted to sell more Hermes Birkins all they would need to do is employ and train more people to do the job. Also making Hermes Birkins is not like making thousands of Hermes Birkin bags with machines that can be sold on a large scare but each and every bag is painstakingly made by hand so it’s no wonder it’s rare to come across a Hermes Birkin bag and there is such a scarcity of these bags.

It’s always good to have your Hermes Birkin bag when visiting a Hermes shop.
When visiting a Hermes boutique in London’s Bond Street a few weeks ago I wondered around looking at Hermes bags, shoes and clothing and although I was noticed by the sales staff no one asked if I needed any assistance. A little later my friend entered the same boutique but she had a Hermes Birkin bag on her arm, she was greeted warmly and was asked if there was anything she would like to see.

The assistant brought £3000 new Birkin bag for her to look at which she was told had just arrived in the Hermes store that day. So if you want really good service in a Hermes shop take along a Hermes Birkin bag and you should get better service.
Without the Hermes Birkin I was obviously one of those persons whom they believed didn’t qualify representative of their image.
So always bring your bag when visiting a Hermes shop and who knows you may get a chance to look and purchase another Birkin bag without having to go on the waiting list to buy a bag.


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