Hermes Birkin black

Hermes Birkin black

One of the most popular Hermes Birkin bags is the Hermes Birkin black crocodile leather Birkin bag 30cm with silver stone hardware. This not so surprising because if you can’t afford to buy a number of different colors of Hermes Birkin bags to match different outfits then obviously you are going to want a colour that will match all your outfits and what better color is there than Hermes Birkin black.

The Hermes Birkin black is a beautiful luxurious bag
The black alligator Hermes Birkin black is a beautiful luxurious handbag made from black shiny alligator leather with Silverstone palladium hardware.

All Birkin bags if cared for are a good investment and can be passed on to your children and grandchildren.
Also you can resell your Hermes Birkin bag and get more money for it if it’s in good condition because these bags actually can increase in their value. Some people have sold their bags on auction for a very high price.
The crocodile Birkin bag with diamond-encrusted hardware is one of the most elusive and expensive collector’s items in the world. These Hermes bags hold their value and do very well at resale. Some go so far and say a Birkin bag is not an accessory but a work of art.

One of the most expensive Hermes bags to be sold at auction was the rouge Hermes Birkin crocodile 30cm Birkin bag with solid 18k white gold and diamond hardware. I won’t ask you to guess the price it went for because it was the unbelievable price of 203,000 dollars. Gosh, think what that amount of money could buy, a house a car but I expect this rouge Hermes Birkin crocodile was just a little luxury item for some millionaire.
The exclusiveness of these bags help to heighten the value and being able to own a unique bag that no one else has also adds to the appeal.


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