Hermes Birkin bag great accessory and investment

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Hermes Birkin bag is a great Accessory and investment

Manufacture and materials of a Hermes Birkin bag

Hermes Birkin bag are hand built by experienced craftsmen, this is one of the primary factors contributing to the high price of all Hermes bags. The production of each Hermes Birkin bag may take up to 48 work hours, translating into weeks. Hermes Birkin bag is distributed worldwide to Hermès boutiques on intentionally unpredictable schedules and in even fewer reliable quantities, creating a sense of scarcity and exclusivity around the Hermes Birkin bag product.

The exterior of the Hermes Birkin bag can be made of a variety of leathers. One of the most expensive variations of the bag is made of saltwater crocodile skin. The price of these Hermes Birkin bag depends on the size of the scales. A Hermes Birkin bag with smaller scales cost much more than a Hermes Birkin bag with larger scales.

A Hermes Birkin bag lining is made of goat skin and its color will match the Hermes Birkin bag exterior color. The Hermes Birkin bag can also be special-ordered from custom leathers and colors, but order privileges are granted only to certain established Hermès clients, and again, on an unpredictable basis. Orders are reportedly submitted to Paris twice a year, with “special-order” Hermes Birkin bag coming back anywhere from a year to 2 years later. Occasionally, special orders may never arrive for a Hermes Birkin bag, as Hermès is notorious for discontinuing certain leathers or colors without notice, frequently making the arrival and “pick-up” of a special order Hermes Birkin bag a cause for some fun fanfare both for the client, and occasionally even for boutique staff.

However no matter what the color or material the Hermes Birkin bag is made from the client will always be delighted with the end product.

Investment for a Hermes Birkin bag

Hermes bags have been noted for being one of the few brands of bags to either hold or increase in value with time, giving the Hermes bags the distinction of being considered by some as “investment quality” products. Author Michael Tonello in his book, Bringing Home the Hermes Birkin bag, published by William Morrow in 2008, shares his experiences buying and selling the Hermes Birkin bag on eBay. He recounts how he acquired Hermes Birkin Bags in Spain and France and became a powerhouse eBay seller until Hermes refused to sell him anymore Hermes Birkins. The book provides an insider’s peek at the mystique of this exclusive Hermes Birkin bag accessory.

Appropriate pricing for a Hermes Birkin bag in any vendible condition will never sell for less than 50% of its original value.


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