Hermes Birkin 50

Hermes Birkin 50

Hermes Birkin 50 is also a very desireable Birkin bag

The Hermes Birkin bags have sizes to fit every ones needs because the are sold in so many different sizes and colors The size range is 25, 30, 35, and 40cm and Hermes Birkin 50. The most recognized Hermes Birkin bag in the fashion industry and with people world wide is the 40cm. This is the bag you are most likely to see celebrities carrying.

The Hermes Birkin 50 however is also very desirable because of the it holds many more possessions than the smaller Bikin bag. The Hermes Birkin 50 is great for travelling use also because it holds many more things you may for a flight.

Regarding colors the Hermes Birkin bags come in an abundant of colors to match any outfit such as red, pink,blue, brown, navy, blue, black Hermes Birkin, orange,olive, green, tan, and white Birkin bag.

For the winter 2012 the Tosca pink Birkin bag is proving very popular. As is the 35cm in epsom leather Hermes which is slightly harder than the Togo leather.

Another favourite is the candy colored Hermes Birkin and the rouge Birkin bag which comes in an array of lovely shades, including Rouge Garrance, Rouge Vif, Rouge H, Rouge Moyen, Rouge Vermillion Rouge Braise, and Rouge Casaque.

There is just no other handbag like the Hermes Birkin bag. Many other inferior fake bags don’t give much pleasure. The stitching can be awful and the design shabby. They just look so inferior and one can see from a mile of that they are fake.


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