Fendi handbags how to tell if its Authentic

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Fendi Handbags how to spot a fake from real Fendi Handbags

Step 1

Inspect the stitching of the Fendi Handbags on both the inside and outside. There should be clean stitch lines with little to no exposed thread. If you see stitching that is crooked (typically on the inside) or coming loose, the Fendi Handbags is fake. Fendi handbags are typically made by hand and these mistakes are not going to occur, especially for the price you pay. The leather and hardware on the Fendi Handbags  should also be top quality.

  • Step 2

    Look at the tags on the Fendi handbags. Not only look for the spelling of the name, but look to see if the label is on straight. Although misspelled brand names do not occur very often in fakes anymore, you should still check it.

  • Step 3

    Find the “country made in” tag. Make sure this says “Italy.” Fendi is an Italian company and all the Fendi Handbags are crafted in Italy. A common mistake of Fendi copiers (especially in non European countries) is to place a “Made in the U.S.A” tag inside the bag. This is an immediate sign that the Fendi Handbags are not real. Newer Fendi bags also have a cloth tag printed with a holographic image.

  • Step 4

    New Fendi bags come with an official authenticity card. You should check a second-hand Fendi bags for a serial number – usually embossed on a leather tag inside the inner pocket.

  • Step 5

    Check out the packaging the Fendi bags comes in. If you are buying the Fendi Handbags off the street or in a thrift shop chances are there is not going to be any packaging. However, if there is, make sure the box is high quality and not just a flimsy shoebox. Companies that charge several hundred to a few thousand dollars are going to put extra money into the packaging.

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