Fendi bags Determine their Value

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Fendi bags Determine the Value

Step 1

Determine if your Fendi bag is real. If you did not purchase the Fendi bags from an official retailer it may be a fake. Examine the hardware–buckles, snaps and zipper pulls for the Fendi logo. The Fendi logo consists of two capital F’s, with the left F facing right and the right F rotated 180 degrees so it’s upside-down and facing left. The Fendi lining is always brown; some fakes use olive or tan lining. Fendi bags use a fabric called zuccajaquard, which is a mix of canvas and silk. It is more durable and less flexible than the material used in fake Fendi bags.

Step 2

Price similar style Fendi bags. Fendi bags are sold in upscale department stores such as Neiman Marcus and Barneys and at online sites such as bluefly.com. For current styles and Fendi classics, look at the official Fendi site, Fendi.com. Research the price of Fendi bags that are of similar size or made of similar materials to your own. Avoid sites like eBay, where sellers may try to pass off fakes as the real thing.

  • Step 3

    Take your Fendi bags to the handbag department of an official Fendi retailer and have a specialist estimate its worth. Salespeople in the Fendi bags department of upscale stores are often trained to have expert knowledge of their products. Some retailers, such as Bloomingdale’s, appoint associates as specialists of specific brands. Or, if you have access to a Fendi boutique, take your Fendi bags to an associate or manager for an appraisal.

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