Celebrities and their Hermes Birkin bags

Celebrities and their Hermes Birkin bags
More and more celebrities are buying Hermes Birkin bags. You will notice that when the paparazzi take photos of celebrities in the street they are often sporting a Hermes Birkin bag and often proudly make sure it is not missed in the photo by holding their Birkin bag in front of them.

We all know how Victoria Beckham loves Hermes Birkin Bags she is reputed to have dozens of them in many different colors.

Katie Holmes was seen out and about in Los Angeles carrying a lovely blue Hermes Birkin.

Actress Julianne Moore was seen out and about in New York in a lovely grey outfit. Her hunter green Hermes Birkin tote bag looked perfect with her grey accessories.

Sofia Vergara was seen having lunch at Il Pastaio Restaurant and then going shopping in Beverly Hills, California sporting a beige Birkin bag

Catherine Zeta-Jones could be seen at Heathrow Airport in London, catching a flight back to the US. Her black Hermes Birkin bag looked lovely with her outfit.

The celebrities carry Hermes Birkin bags because it reflects their name and social standing. It’s rather like an exclusive club for members only if you carry one.

You may wonder if Hermes will run out of customers who will purchase a Birkin bag. However China is fast catching up and becoming the second luxury brand market so with such a large population and more people becoming rich there will be a large market there for the Hermes Birkin bags.
The well-known famous star WangFei now owns many Hermes Birkin bags.


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