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Hermes Kelly bag

Hermes Kelly bag was the predecessor to the Birkin. At that time these

Ultimate bags were only available to the very elite, because of the price and general inaccessibility of the haute couture to ordinary people. The Hermes Kelly bag was launched in 1935 and initially was called Sac à dépêches, however later the name was changed to Hermes Kelly bag. The reason it was called is because one of the most beautiful and elegant actresses of the time Grace Kelly (also a princess of Monaco) had a photo on the cover of the magazine, where she was hiding her pregnancy under this Hermes Kelly bag. Actually there have been more photographs of her with the Hermes Kelly bag, but the one when she was pregnant made the main story.

The Hermes Kelly bag is made in several sizes and different materials. For the collectors, the original Hermes Kelly bag can be purchased from 3000$ to 6000$ dollars. The Hermes Kelly bag takes 18 hours to make and in some cases the leather for the Hermes Kelly bag is even ironed to make it perfect. Each Hermes Kelly bag is made by one craftsman. The more sophisticated and exotic the leather, the more experienced craftsmen are involved. The Hermes Kelly bag is made in France.

One of the features to tell the authenticity of Hermes Kelly bag are the straps and clasp, as well as the padlock and small leather piece that hides the key. The Hermes Kelly bag also has one handle and there is also a shoulder strap available. The Sizes of the beautiful Hermes Kelly bag creation originally is 32cm (12.6′) and 28 cm (11′). The mini Kelly bag was introduced in 1968, but the large version of 40 cm (15.7) was made in year 1980.


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