Hermes Birkin bag sale

January 11th, 2011 - 

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Hermes Birkin Bag World Famous Hermes Birkin bag collection.

On December 9 at Christie’s as part of its Jewels sale, 23 Hermes bags will also be going under the hammer.

Among the delights on offer is a rare Haut a Courroies travel Hermes bag, one of the oldest travel Hermes bags still in production at Hermes, of which there are no more than five made in a year and which was first designed by Hermes in 1900.

Also up for sale are the classic Mini Kelly bag in forest green and the Sac Malette style in brown with gilt and with metal ware, which once belonged to Charlie Chaplin’s wife. But be prepared to delve deep; estimates for the Hermes bag start at £3,000 and work their way up to £15,000.

Hermes Birkin bag is the most popular styles among Hermes bags. When the former Hermes chairman Jean Louis Dumas run across with the French star Jane Birkin during a trip in 1984, he decided to design a Hermes Birkin for her and named it as Birkin. From then on, the Hermes Birkin bag began to swipe over the world. A famous stylist in Hollywood once said, “It is not a bag, It’s a Hermes Birkin bag and I’m not buying them, I collect them” Obviously you can see how influential the Hermes Birkin bag is among the trend spotters. Be the trend spotter and collect a Hermes Birkin bag here.


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